Formula Student Finish to Win

Foreword by Pat Clarke,
Chief Design Judge
Formula Student Germany

Patrik Štipák – Founder of Performance Solutions, former FS member at TU Brno Racing & UH Racing
Author explains which steps are necessary to undertake to start a sucessfull season for you and your team and how to avoid mistakes of your predecesors. Formula Student is really demanding project in terms of time. We try to show you how to communicate effectively with your teammates and avoid misunderstandings which may result in serious issues in the end. Patrik explains tools and methods which helped him manage his tasks efficiently (e.g. speed reading, GTD approach, etc.)
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About the book

The book is not meant to be a technical guide how to build up the winning car. It provides you with advices on how to approach such a complex project and how to deliver results on time in order to meet many tight deadlines over the season of Formula Student.

Four Whys For This Book

  1. Get inspired by the best university project in the world
  2. Avoid beginner’s mistakes, set up a journey of your life
  3. Get startling tips in effective communication
  4. Exploit skills to manage your life & studies with Formula Student

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What did they say about the book?

"Discovering we shared a forename, I also found we shared a similar sense of humour and, in truth, I saw a little bit of me in Patrik when I was his age. The intent of Formula Student is not to build race cars, but to finish off the education of young engineers with a complex and interesting design challenge. Patrik is proof of how well that scheme works, having emerged as a smart, diligent and I undoubtedly, successful engineer and this book is proof. I am proud to have been a small part of that and wish him well in the future."

Pat Clark Chief Design Judge Formula Student Germany

"This book unveils a complex look into the entire Formula Student world. If you are new to the competition or even just think about joining it, this book is basically a guide for your success. On the other hand I think it can be inspirational for experienced teams as well."

Josef Jelínek - Formula Student team member and driver.

"The book is written both with devotion and enthusiasm. Some advices in the book made me think a lot about how efficiently I work and I should definitely give some of them a try (e.g. an effective e-mail communication). I cannot but totally agree with majority of Patrik’s opinions. I would not be able to write them down in a comprehensible way so I am glad he managed to do so. When I was reading the book I sometimes felt like someone tells me this story rather than I read it by myself. I can imagine any team leader would take it and can give a presentation to a group of rookie members (including really good jokes) right away. I am really glad such a book has been written and that Patrik managed to publish it after all. I wish this book many readers who find it helpful. Hopefully, another books covering the rest of the season will come in a near future."

Milan Polacek - M-Sport engineer, Formula Student alumni
About the author

Patrik Štipák

Patrik Štipák is CEO of Performance Solutions which focuses on consultancy, design and software development in Motorsport world. Being part of two Formula Student teams has evolved to his Vehicle Dynamics & drivers' mental preparation specialization. The 2016 has been the year of World Rallycross Championship where he works with drivers Janis Baumanis, Timur Timerzyanov and Max Pucher.
Besides his focus on engineering he also collaborates with like-minded young entrepreneurs as a mentor and motivator. This passion came from his studies in the UK, where he represented University of Hertfordshire in business competition Flux and he succeeded with his project PS in Flare2015 as a finalist.

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